Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Internship Diaries #43

Swastik Gaurav Drona
EKO, Gurgaon

Serendipity it was when I was selected for my summer internship at EKO in Gurgaon. The excitement of first work experience in a corporate world was at its high since the final list of shortlisted names for the internship at EKO had my name. It was time for me to leave my cocoon and explore the plethora of opportunities of the corporate world.

The most difficult task even before the internship had started was to find a place to live in Gurgaon, being one of the most expensive cities and us being students it was a hard nut to crack. Thanks to the online renting portals such as housing.com which provided us with lots of contacts of the brokers which finally led us to a good place to rest our backs.

Then came the most awaited day, the first day of our internship. We properly dressed in formals reached the sharp 9 in the morning. The office interiors were amazing, it was literally beyond our expectations. All the green plants had proper place in the office, bean bags lying around, dart game hanging in middle of the office, white boards all having some data, small tasks and big targets, an eye catching CCD coffee maker and for coffee lover like me it could be the best thing.
We were asked to sit in a separate cabin which was looking very appealing as each cubical was beautifully decorated with the personal interests of the employees. Then came a sparkling smile to end our wait and I mean it, it was worth waiting as the company’s HR manager Miss Pooja entered the room we all greeted her good morning ma’am, but we saw some unexpected expression on her face, all of us were perplexed, she noticed it and then we were explained there is no sir or ma’am culture at EKO and gradually with her personal experience at EKO and HR skills she charmed us with the beautiful experience she had working at EKO.

The next day we were assigned the projects and fortunately I got the operation’s project with my batch mate as a team member. The project was to define a new age customer experience and define a superlative channel for the E-value process. The projects sounded interesting and gradually working under Mr. Deepak Singhal our mentor and simultaneously with Mrs. Mugdha Bhargawa it felt like working in a homely environment. Our mentors were extremely supportive both professionally as well as in personal life. Their was no time boundation as well as attire code for us which created a very comfortable working environment for us.

Till now it was just the silence before the storm which was followed by turbulence of work pressure of study and analysis of the company data. When you sit on huge chunk of data either you ruin the opportunity to extract diamonds or you end by satisfied with some silver. With help of both our mentors and the whole operations team which was extremely cooperative as well, we at least managed to extract gold i.e. gave some fruitful results of the data analysis. It was followed by meetings with our highest business providers and customer care center of EKO where we tried to drill to depths of customer issues. The trust which our mentors showed in us motivated us to do better and better with course of time.

Time just flew by in the two months of internship and at last it came to an end. But wait it was not over yet the last week of ours was booked for parties and I mean ample of wonderful parties by EKO. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend the coming students to give it a try at EKO and I assure you will not be disappointed. 

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