Sunday, October 18, 2015

Internship Diaries #28

Ankit Gupta
Toshniwal Equity Services Private Limited

I did my internship with Toshniwal Equity Services which is a stock broking and investment consulting firm located right in the heart of Dalal Street and Bombay Stock Exchange. Internship started with a lot of expectations from our mentor. We were expected to work not only on financial aspects but also consult on minor but vital aspects of the company like operations and marketing.

The title of our project was Financial Statement analysis and Stock price movements. We started by understanding different faces of technical analysis and fundamental analysis under the guidance of Mr. Jay Toshniwal. He gave us insights on important entities that revolve around the fundamentals of a company such as taxation, royalty and more and where these concept did aroused. We were trained in Metastock Software, which is one of the major software that is being used at the firm for evaluating charts and patterns of BSE and NSE. Fundamental analysis was done of cement sector which included 6 major cement companies of India including ACC, Ambuja, Birla, Heidelberg and Ultratech. Additionally we worked on understanding the management discussions and their interpretation in financial terms. 

We also gained experience on core corporate operations of the company by attending Annual General Meetings of Reliance, SBI, and Hindustan Unilever. Our next task was analysis of Nifty Junior, Nifty 200 and Nifty from Feb ’15 to July’15 and to come out with stocks which were resistant to fluctuations in market. We also worked on updating client portfolios on which was an arduous task but this was also successfully updates by us. Our last assignment was revamping the website of the company, which included coordinating with the vendor on all aspects of the website including content and design.

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