Monday, September 2, 2013

My first month experience of IIT Roorkee MBA

My Dear DoMSIITes,

Being an engineer, it gave me an immense excitement to pursue my journey from the gates of IIT Roorkee. Like a lot of other engineers in the country, I felt an urge, to go beyond my profession as a software developer and look forward to being a techno- manager. And here I was, with eyes full of dreams of becoming someone big…

I disembarked the train at Roorkee station and tried to inhale the city which was going to be my 'partner in crime' for the next 2 years. But the first look rooted me to the ground. And my first and only scepticism occurred that it was going to be hard living in a small town after living almost half my life in the city. But the journey towards the Indian institute of technology made it a lot easier. The famous Ganga Canal spanned nicely in the way provided freshness that no words can describe. After completing registration process in the campus, it was time to begin my hostel life. Someone has rightly said, “The best years of your life are spent in your hostel.” Since I had already lived in the hostel in my undergraduate years, it was no stranger to me.

What followed next was a weeklong orientation program. Every minute and every second of that week will be remembered by our batch for a long, long time. Apart from classes which were jam-packed even in the first week, what we really got was the first hand experiences from various alumnis. The seniors left no stones unturned to make us feel at home. We thought at least after one week it will be all over, but the next week started with a plethora of events. Every club and committee members were vying for the best candidate. There were auditions, there were design competitions, 2-minute ads, financial presentations, optimization scenarios and God knows what. The outcome of this whole experience which lasted for almost 3 weeks made us realize that we have finally started our journey as an MBA and this is going to be our lives for the rest of our lives.

Doing an MBA from IIT Roorkee is not just about doing MBA; it is about gaining experiences from a century old institute. It made me understand, no matter what I have done till now, but from now on, I carry a badge on my chest. And that badge demands respect. So, coming here made me realized what really I need to achieve to gain that respect.

The students here have so much zeal in them, that it is almost impossible to match them. From the moment we arrived in the campus, everything started with a bang. The periodical alumni interactions managed so well by Alumni Cell, the media reports generated by Media Cell, the ever enduring work by placement committee and many more. I know this whole period will be a “bone crushing” experience, but again, it will be a life changing event for me and I am going to make the most out of it…