Saturday, October 31, 2015

Internship Diaries #51

Vijay Kumar

ZeroWaste (ZW) is developing an accessible and convenient, technology enabled reverse supply chain for used and waste electronics. ZW manages collection to refurbishment and recycling with use of mobile and IT. Providing convenient ways, like implementing exchange programs at popular consumer electronics, to dispose waste electronics opens up the locked value in e-goods stored at homes or being transferred to unscientific and unorganized channels, creating potential hazard to environment. Electronics bought via home pickups and collection center drop-offs are then segregated, refurbished & sold through Seconds distribution channels or recycled through authorized e-waste recyclers. Technology is used to ensure that the supply chain is efficient.

Indian e-waste and used electronics market is around $11B today, growing at a rate more than 50%.
Co-founders Mr. Prateek and Mr. Sunil have been working together for past one and half year. Mr. Prateek Goel (B.Tech Computers) is Founder Partner in a successful Software venture Teramatrix. He heads business & product development. Mr. Sunil Saradhna (B. Tech Electronics, MBA Marketing) is Founder Partner at a Jewelry Retail Brand (SKJ). He heads operations at ZeroWaste.

Untrustworthy and random valuation methods by kabadiwalas and local repair centers. Selling e-waste to unauthorized vendors is illegal, but approach to authorized recyclers is inconvenient. Thus most of the obsolete electronics remain buried under layers of dust occupying precious space at home.

For end consumers, ZW offers convenient and simple valuation along with home pickup, drop-offs coupled with exchange programs. ZW pays instant cash for the goods bought.

For retailers, e-tailers and Electronics OEMs – ZW provides optimized reverse logistics channel to liquidate the customer returned, transit damaged and factory seconds goods. Experience the conditions and task was fulfilling to every extent.We had to work in a team with individual projects, its expectations, implementations and its deadlines.The work culture had “No Door Policy” with gave us all the freedom to explore, experiment, learn and create a model which could be immediately implemented in business. I hope I have done justice to the brand we all carry as the reverse logistic business model we suggested was taken to implementation stage with lots of positive feedback.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Internship Diaries #50

N Sri Chandra Sekhar
EKO Financial Services India Pvt. Ltd

I had done my internship at EKO Financial Services India Pvt. Ltd from 11th May to 7th June. It was an enriching experience as I learnt a lot about the payment systems, the way transactions happen between banks, merchants and customers and how the business is being handled at EKO. I also acquired a fair bit of knowledge on how prepaid payment instruments and money remittance work. The work culture at EKO was conducive for learning as interns get the opportunity to work on projects of their interest and mentors were always there to guide them. The following are the details of projects I worked on during my internship.

Project Name: Competition Mapping

A comprehensive analysis of four of EKO’s competitors (Oxigen, ITZ Cash, Suvidhaa and TSS) is done. Based on our meetings with the competition’s agents and distributors, different aspects of their business like cash remittance process, distribution model, agent/distributor on-boarding process, e-money flow and support extended to their agents were elucidated. Special attention has been given to the pricing of competitors from market, agent and customer’s perspective across all remittance slabs. This is useful in making the pricing of EKO competitive to the market pricing.

Project Name: E-money v/s Target Analysis

Taking the daily reports of April’15 and May’15, the E-money at different times of a day (8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm and 11:59pm) are studied for the days the targets are met and the days targets are not met. This study has given insight into the pattern of E-money (as a percentage of targets) on a particular day for the target to be met. Depending on the observations of the analysis, it is opined that it will be beneficial to provide e-money on credit early in the day and collect it back in the evening. However, care has to be taken to see that this credit serves its intended purpose of minimizing the loss of business at the e-money starved CSPs.

Project Name: Impact of new commissions (PPI) on profitability

With EKO introducing a PPI of its own, there has been a change in the commission structure and hence the profitability. The commissions for the month of May’15 (based on new commission structure) have been calculated for Mumbai and Rest of India. This included the CSP rupee Commission, SCSP rupee Commission, Gross and net fee, Gross and net margins. The direct and indirect costs were approximated and the break-even revenue and volume of transactions have been estimated.

I also worked on an idea of business development of utilizing the data on customer base of Eko to develop a credit rating system based on their transaction history and on how strategic partnerships can be formed with financial organisations to facilitate money on credit to customers. A presentation on the same was given to the top management of the company.

Internship Diaries #49

Shreyash Borad
Bank of India

I worked on a project ‘Market survey for clean loans to working professionals’ during my summer internship at Bank of India. This is the new financial product the Bank wishes to introduce into the market so that they wanted to survey market for possible requirements of the clients. These loans are without any collateral and given to credible working professionals like doctors, charted accountants, etc. whose income are steady and sustainable. 

I worked under guidance of Mr. Motwani, customer relationship manager. I learned a lot from my internship regarding current trends in financial markets. It was a good experience to have. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Internship Diaries #48

Parth Malik 
HDFC Bank Ltd.

My summer internship at HDFC Bank corporate office in Mumbai was a great learning experience. My project there was process mapping and streamlining of SAP processes and HR operations of the Bank which involved application of six sigma and lean methodology.

HDFC Bank is rated as the most valuable brand of India and among the top 100 brands of the world. On the first day of the internship itself, I was briefed about the project and what was expected from me. My work required a combination of application of concepts while mapping process and also creativity as I had to come up with new ideas and suggestions for the purpose of streamlining the processes. Everything that I suggested during my weekly presentations was discussed in detail by the team and feasibility was judged. I had to strictly follow a data driven approach and also learned about the cost and time saving aspect of every change in a process. The suggestions that I presented had live implementation which was exciting.

The guidance from my mentor who is an alumnus of DoMS IIT Roorkee and support from the team at HDFC proved to be essential for successful completion of my internship. The hands on experience and the knowledge that I gained during my internship would go a long way in helping me shape my career. 

Internship Diaries #47

Sandeep Yadav
Chrysal Technosysts Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

I had the opportunity to work at Crysal Technosysts Ventures Pvt. Ltd.  which is a start-up set up in 2013. The company is from the ITeS sector and basically provides IT enabled HR solutions to industries. My role during the internship at Chrysal was of market research and lead generation in the Delhi NCR region.
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • B2B Corporate sales
  • Lead generation and update on CRM tool
  • Business Development
  • Market Research on different verticals
Major work involved ‘generating leads’ for their flagship product Abscontrack and other products as well in the B2B segment through various mediums viz. telephone, meetings, social media etc. This being my first experience at sales, the job seemed a little challenging initially and took me a couple of weeks to adapt to but later with the support and guidance of my mentor and colleagues I started to enjoy it. We used various mediums for lead generation like cold calling, linked In contacts and also walk-ins in the hot summer days but at the end it was all worth it. I also got the opportunity to interact with a number of prospective clients and pitch to them the concept of the products offered by Chrysal. 

My work at Chrysal also included market Research where in I had to analyze the response and acceptance ratio of various industries towards the concept of Abscontrack. I really enjoyed my internship duration at Crysal Technosysts Ventures Pvt. Ltd. and feel that everyone should experience sales once in their marketing careers as it gives a platform to develop numerous skills enabling you to understand the customer sentiment.