Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Internship Diaries #21

Shavy Bhardwaj
Fairwealth Securities Pvt Ltd.

My summer internship was at FairWealth Securities Ltd, Gurgaon which is a Broking arm of the Fairwealth Group and offers Personalized Broking services to its Institutional, Corporate and Individual clients. It was a valuable experience working in the risk management department of a Broking firm as I got to know how risk is managed in a company which has its operations revolving around the volatile stock market hence accompanying a lot of risk. I worked on the project “Risk Management in a stock Broking Firm”. I also had the opportunity to work in the accounts department where I had to manage the pay-in and pay-out of the clients. 

Fairwealth also has its business in Commodity Broking, Real Estate, Insurance Broking, Financial Services and Tours and Travels. I was lucky enough to have two mentors, who were always ready to provide a helping hand and motivated me and I got a lot to learn from them. I worked with my mentor on a project of Fairwealth Housing Pvt Ltd in which we had to project the financials of the ongoing housing project in Bhiwadi. I also worked with the CRM department of Fairwealth Housing in which I had to check the records and requirements of various customers and accordingly service them. I also had an exposure to the legal and compliance department which was under the company secretary and I could even sit with her sometimes and gain knowledge from her. I also got to learn about how the KYC (Account opening) section of the company works to open the Demat and Trading accounts of the clients. 

All the employees were so obliging and always available to answer my queries. So, being at the head office I could explore all the departments and interact with the employees and this helped me comprehend the basic operations of a Stock Broking company and provided me much practical exposure.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Internship Diaries #20

Nsimpl Infolabs LLP  

Nsimpl Infolabs LLP offered me an opportunity to work in business development, market research and sales domain during my summer internship. Nsimple has launched a product ‘nTrackr’  which helps the hotels to enhance guest experience and revenue as well with the help of a Mobile Guest App. It also helps them to manage and track their workforce in a more efficient manner by keeping all stakeholders in a loop via real-time communication.

My internship was all about business development, market research and sales. Our target customers were 3, 4 and 5 star hotels. My work was to fix meetings with GMs of different hotels. After that, during meeting I used to brief about nTrackr and how it will help them to increases their guest experience and overall efficiency. Before going to the meeting I had to do a lot of research about the hotel and the GM so that I could talk to him in his reference and another benefit was that I could easily answer their doubts and queries effectively.

During the implementation phase I had to understand the complete work flow of hotels so that we may help them to use the system seamlessly. I had to do follow up with each and every person on a regular basis to ensure that system is helping them to reduce their mundane tasks. It was a great pride in itself to meet sophisticated managers of 4 or 5 star hotels which bestowed a lot to my personality and boosted my confidence. Knowledge sharing and feedback sessions by our founder (Mudit Khandelwal, a dynamic personality) summed up a lot to my knowledge. Overall internship was a great learning experience.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Internship Diaries #19

Naveen Kumar
Chrysal Technosysts Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

I had the opportunity to work at Chrysal Technosysts Ventures Pvt. Ltd.  which is a start-up set up in 2013. The company is from the ITeS sector and basically provides IT enabled HR solutions to industries. 

My role during the internship at Chrysal was of market research and lead generation in the NCR region. My major work involved ‘generating leads’ for their flagship product Abscontrack and other products, as well as, in the B2B segment through various mediums viz. telephone, meetings, social media etc. This being my first experience at sales, the job seemed a little challenging initially and took me a couple of weeks to adapt to, but later with the support and guidance of my mentor and colleagues I started to enjoy it. 

We used various mediums for lead generation like cold calling, linked In contacts and also walk-ins in the hot summer days but at the end it was all worth it. I also got the opportunity to interact with a number of prospective clients and pitch to them the concept of the products offered by Chrysal. My work at Chrysal also included market Research where in I had to analyze the response and acceptance ratio of various industries towards the concept of Abscontrack. I really enjoyed my internship duration at Chrysal Technosysts Ventures Pvt. Ltd. and feel that everyone should experience sales once in their marketing careers as it gives a platform to develop numerous skills enabling you to understand the customer sentiment.

Internship Diaries #18

Debjyoti Das
Jakson Ltd., Kolkata

I would like to thank Mr. Subrata Ray-Vice President & Mr. Shib Shankar Bhattacharyya – Head (Sales & Marketing) - and to my Head of Department, IIT Roorkee Dr. Santosh N.Rangnekar for providing me this opportunity for this corporate exposure which is a great learning experience during my MBA.

I am extremely thankful to Jakson Ltd. for giving me the opportunity to undertake this project on Sales and Market Research for Diesel Generators in Kolkata, during my summer internship  I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my project guide Mr.Siddhartha Ghosh (Team Lead –Sales and Marketing) for his overall support, valuable guidance, astute judgments and an eye of perfection without which this project would not have been in the present shape.

The main objective of this project report is to perform a detailed survey of the current scenario of the Diesel Generator market for Jakson Ltd. in Kolkata. These surveying and the sample generation has been done during the Summer Internship from May 2015 to July 2015.The project have focused on the company profile, its goals and objectives.

The report also contains thorough analysis of the customer reviews which have been gathered from regular field survey and telephonic interviews in Kolkata region. The Sample size that has been taken is 500 and above which gives more accuracy to the researches that have been made. All the samples are from geographical locations of Kolkata, West Bengal.

Moreover, the report also gives a brief idea about the company marketing strategies and various branding and promotion techniques. It shows the expected growth rate of the Jakson Ltd. in the market. The 4P’s and SWOT analysis of the company is also shown in the report. This report is beneficial for market research of Jakson Ltd., Kolkata.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Internship Diaries #17

Sanjo Jose
L&T Constructions, Buildings & Factories IC

I did my summer internship at the most respected construction company of India, “Larsen & Toubro Constructions” from May 8th to July 27th. During my internship, I traveled across the country to different L&T sites in major cities like Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Patna, Bihar.

It was a life filled with moments of happiness, sadness, enthusiasm, learning, passion and a lot more. I worked under the guidance and mentorship of Mr. T.K. Prem Kumar, DGM- Training and Development at L&T Constructions, Buildings & Factories Independent Company. He is a faculty and facilitator, specialized in OD Intervention, who travels across the country to various sites of L&T Construction and conducts Training programs on behavioral aspects for the L&T staff at their sites.
The OD Intervention at different sites were conducted in 4 main steps:
1. Conducting Training Need Analysis, where we understand the major issues faced by the site staff.
2. Developing the Training Module based on the issues faced by the staff.
3. Executing the Training Module or Conducting the Training Program at the site.
4. Follow up and Action Plan of the employees based on the inputs they obtained from the training program.

This structured approach is adopted in L&T Constructions to conduct OD Intervention in their sites. We did OD Intervention at 10 sites of L&T over the 3 months duration. Some other events which we conducted in this duration were the GET Induction Program in the first week of July for the newly joined 243 GET’s (Graduate Engineering Trainee) of L&T Constructions, B&F Independent Company. Also, we conducted a 2-day session on Negotiation Skills to selected staff of various sites in Chennai at HQ.

This was my first experience of corporate life, which gave me many leanings, both technically and behaviorally. I got an in-depth knowledge about different psychometric tools, especially FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation – Behavior) and how to apply them in various life situations. FIRO-B helps an individual to understand self and others so that it becomes easy for a person to modify their behavior as per the demand of the situation. Also, we developed tools like, Wheel of Life, Values & Ethics, Team Building based on Life Cycle of Groups, Push, Pull and Move away, and Negotiation Skills which helped me to understand various behavioral tools and their application in human life.

This internship developed my soft skills, especially for Taking up Initiatives, Improving my IP Skills, Communication and Public speaking and above all has been a super motivation to my Confidence to face any life situations. I’m glad that I could work at a world-class organization like L&T, and take home a basket full of lessons for life, which will become a powerful incentive to guide my future.

Friday, September 18, 2015

'The Journey of an Entrepreneur'- A stroll through the launch of MapMyIndia

Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee, continues to feast its students on the knowledge to bridge the gap between Industry and Academia through a series of guest lectures. In line with the custom, Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee organized a session on the 'The Journey of an Entrepreneur'. The students of the Department of Management Studies were addressed by Mr. Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, Chairman and Co-Founder at MapmyIndia (CE Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.) and Mrs. Rashmi Verma, Executive Director at MapMyIndia.

The eminent speakers shared their experience of stepping into the world of Entrepreneurship back in time during 1990's, when very few people had the courage to do something out of the box. When no one else was thinking of entrepreneurship, MapMyIndia was being built up from the scratch. 

It all started with a thought of doing something for the welfare of the people of our country. A thought which manifested in the mind of a person who was well settled in US. All the perks and benefits of US could not allay the desire to do something for their own country. With a wish to contribute to the society, they returned to India. At the time when women and child safety were the issues of utmost concern, to appease the problem, MapMyIndia was launched and the journey to entrepreneurship took off with the sole mission of making the world better through maps and location technologies.

Despite having first movers advantage in the field of digital maps, MapMyIndia faced a lot of challenges but the passion and conviction was what pulled it together all through the while. As a result, MapMyIndia today is Market Leader in digital maps, GPS and GIS also holding 80% market share in the automotive industry of India.

The session was filled with deep insights for the students specially for upcoming entrepreneurs. It was highly interactive which motivated students to live up to their passions and work diligently towards the path of their dreams with sheer conviction.

The session on 'The Journey of an Entrepreneur' added one more feather to the cap of the Department of Management Studies which  has continuously lived up to its promise of delivering quality education to its students with regular industry interactions. The Department of Management Studies dissolved the session with a promise to uphold the tradition hereafter.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Guest Lecture on 'Mergers and Acquisition in a Global Scenario' by Mr. Niranjan Chintam

The changing global scenario has focused the need for change in policies of our country. It was globalization when the economic liberalization took place in 1991 during the tenure of Prime Minister Narasimha Rao with the help of Finance Minister Manmohan Singh. That was a big time change which can be counted as the most significant change in the Indian economy. From 1991 until now there were lots of promising changes brought by Indian government, unfortunately most of them are still left as a drop of ink on papers. It seems as if government is sitting on policies there are much important to be implemented for the success of the business world.

A wide view in all this challenges of need in change of business world was discussed on Saturday morning. On 12th September, 2015, management students of IIT Roorkee had a wonderful opportunity to interact with one of the most important leader of corporate world, Mr. Niranjan Chintam – the Chairman & Co- Founder of Kellton Tech. With over 1000 member strong team, Mr. Niranjan Chintam led Kellton Tech to be the leading enterprise solution provider, serving the complete spectrum of IT needs. Under the leadership of Mr. Niranjan Chintam’s, Kellton tech was ranked 21st among all the companies 'The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2014'. He nourished Kellton Tech from 2009 and diversified it by his strategies to reach this feat. His deep understanding of technical and financial aspects of the business world was shared with the students with the help of well descriptive slides. He has also created and implemented strategies for different Fortune 500 companies and Government agencies in both US and India. Mr. Niranjan Chintam has received his MBA from Wharton Business School and holds an engineering degree from India. Over his years of experience, Mr. Niranjan Chintam has received many honors and awards, which includes government technical achievements award, leadership award and sales awards for his service. He has a wide experience in the real life challenges in merger and acquisition of different companies as a serial entrepreneur.
Mr. Niranjan Chintam’s visit to the management department of IIT Roorkee was a great opportunity for the management students to know about the real life challenges of the business world. The topic chosen for the day was ‘Mergers and Acquisition in a Global Scenario’. Mr. Niranjan Chintam started with the current global scenario, showing the process included in reality check of the market. The current state of Indian economic scenario was widely discussed. A realization took place, which made one thing clear that the changes in Indian Economy – policies of the Government towards the business world needs a vast change to keep up with the global scenario. How can the ‘Make in India’ campaign can succeed when it takes years of paper work to set up a business? Our India as of now is one the fastest growing nation of the world, is still ranked below countries like Pakistan and Nepal in ease of business ranking. The Guest lecture on ‘Merger and Acquisition in Global Scenario’ had put us in shock to know that, it takes 28 steps to complete a merger of two companies in India, as compared to a four step process in US. And this is obviously a big challenge as this counts in all those reasons which have put India at 142th rank in Ease of Doing Business list.
Mr. Niranjan Chintam also gave a brief detail of his tenure in Kellton Tech and shared his experiences and challenges faced during entrepreneurship tenure. He also gave students a view on the dangling nature and future of E-commerce industries. Due diligence was explained deeply with examples of real world. He also discussed cross-border transition and the advantages and challenges of it.
Management students of IIT Roorkee showed gratitude, for; the knowledge that they gained in just 2 hours of guest lecture, is worth a million times for their future career in business world. Students of Department of Management Studies of IIT Roorkee had shared a valuable time, with Mr. Niranjan Chintam, who had found space between his busy schedule and motivated and enlightened the students for achieving success in their career in business world.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Internship Diaries #16

Shaveta Banda
Webenza India Private Limited

Summer internship provides us an opportunity to get the gist of how is it like to work in a particular domain of the industry. Having tremendous inclination towards digital marketing, I consider myself lucky on getting an opportunity to work with a digital marketing agency, as part of my summer internship. I wanted to have an understanding of different roles under the umbrella of digital marketing. An opportunity to work with Webenza India Limited was what was needed to placate my straying mind.

I was selected as digital marketing intern, Webenza gave me an opportunity to work on various accounts for all the departments. I started off with social media marketing, learnt various aspects on major social media platforms. I contributed in terms of planning social media campaigns for various renowned brands and also gave my best shot in execution of those campaigns. I also learnt about external seeding and how is it an important element of online marketing to spread the word across various channels.

I also got a chance to develop content for various clients. It helped me in understanding the notion of creative and content and the necessary resonance between the two. I was also involved in Keyword Research and Influencer's Research, as Influencer outreach’s importance is increasing with emergence of Influence Marketing.

While working on online research and social media quotient I learnt how to compare one brand with respect to other competitors and how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. The most interesting part was to track social media background trails left by individuals and brands. After analyzing I used to prepare a SMQ analysis report by summarizing online behavioral traits of brands/individuals. To reduce business disruption by preventing damage to the brand, the companies are opting for social profiling reports these days. I got an opportunity to prepare social profiling reports for various clients.

Client pitching is a crucial aspect of any business. As part of my internship, I also learnt about business development as how to convince client to invest in digital marketing and the approach one should follow while preparing a digital marketing strategy for a brand. I also got wind of how to understand client’s requirement and come up with appropriate suggestions.

Webenza also works in the domain of web development so I  also got an opportunity to work in the domain of Quality Assurance, to ensure the deliverables were of superior quality and fulfilled the client’s requirement. My work was to ensure no gap between the client's requirements and the final deliverables.

Altogether, it was really enriching experience as I got to work on various verticals like social media marketing, content development, quality assurance, business development and web analytics. All I was expecting from my internship was to get a clear picture of what working in a digital marketing agency is like and Webenza stood true to its promise.

Apart from all the learning, I would also like to mention about its fabulous culture. Interns are treated at par with permanent employees. It’s not just about work, we used to have a Cricket, Badminton and Football day every week. My time at Webenza was full of fun-filled trips and celebrations. I made lifelong friends and worked with the coolest CEO ever. It is definitely an experience to cherish for a lifetime. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Internship Diaries #15

V. Karthik Reddy
McCann Erickson India
I was once told Summer internship is meant to identify what one want to and not want to pursue as job responsibilities in future as one kick starts his/her professional career. Keeping that in mind I embarked my journey as Marketing and Brand Strategy Intern at McCann Erickson India in the month of May 2015. From our campus three students (including me) got selected for McCann. We were put under the Strategic arm of MRM Worldwide, McCann WorldGroup . This department is meant to create brand strategies and digital media solutions for its clients. The office environment was energetic and designed to let the creative juices flow around.  We had flexible working hours but at times it would stretch quite late as well.

The best part of my internship at McCann was working on different projects every week. It kind of helped kill the monotonicity of a corporate job. Fortunately, we were directly involved in the live assignments at MRM Worldwide, McCann WorldGroup. It also meant that we didn’t have the luxury to work at our own pace but to meet the deadlines given by McCann’s clients. The first deadline that we got on our first day itself was of 4 hours. It helped us adjust to the demands of the job at hand and within a week we got used to the work pressure. Another enriching experience working at McCann was that most of the clients of MRM Worldwide, McCann WorldGroup are big brand such as Airtel, American Express, General Motors, Lufthansa, IFFCO etc., which meant we were involved in making real time business strategies for such huge brands.

Following were few of the assignments we were involved during our stay at McCann.

1) Consumer insights & market research for CRM program of Chevrolet
2) Strategy formulation and business insights for Lufthansa
3) Strategic Planning for Digital Media Platform for American Express

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mentors whose encouragement, guidance and support enabled me to perform my job to the best of my abilities. The innumerable knowledge sessions about the Industry and MRM Worldwide, McCann WorldGroup in particular was enriching. The constant feedback and daily interactions ensured our stay at McCann fruitful.

In the end, my advice to juniors is look for opportunities where the job profile is enriching and mentor-ship is supportive.

Internship Diaries #14

Jiviteshpreet Singh Bawa
Trident Group

Trident Group is a USD 1 Billion Indian Business Conglomerate headquartered in Ludhiana (Punjab). The group operates in five major business segments: Yarn, Terry Towels, Paper, Chemical and Captive Power. Incorporated in 1990, the company continues to grow under the dynamic leadership of Chairman Mr. Rajinder Gupta: a first generation entrepreneur.

Internship experience at Trident was really exceptional. I got the opportunity to work with different people having experience in Sales, Marketing and Analytics. I was one of the 3 Research Interns that Trident hired from PAN India through their web portal. My Internship project was to identify strategies to increase market share of Trident Copier paper in Delhi NCR region. Working on Copier paper project gave me exposure to FMCG sector & Channel Sales via Distributor Retailer network. It was a great learning curve for me interning at Trident Group.

Internship Project learning's:
  •  Market sizing strategies & Sales data analysis to identify market share of Trident Copier Paper. 
  • Sales Trend analysis to evaluate Market Potential of different locations & dealers of Delhi NCR.  Product Portfolio analysis, Competitor pricing & Packaging strategies. 
  • Need-based & Behavioral Segmentation, Porter 5 Forces to evaluate segment attractiveness.
  • Product & Brand positioning based on Consumer & Dealer research.
I am glad that I got to work on Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) system. TPM is a system of maintaining and improving the integrity of production and quality systems through processes that add value to the organization. I was involved in Quality competitive analysis vis-à-vis R&D parameters. Detailed analysis on TPM process for identifying bottlenecks in increasing market share of Trident Copier included the following:
  •  Fish Bone diagram analysis
  •  Why Why analysis
  •  Pareto analysis (80/20 rule)
Such in depth analysis helped me find insights about Copier paper market. Detailed analysis helped me define strategies for Sales, Distribution, Marketing, Branding and Packaging. I worked on Ansoff matrix to define strategies for Market Penetration, Product Development, Market Development and Diversification.
My project of identifying strategy to increase market share was appreciated by CMO – Mr. Naveet Jindal & my mentor Mr. Srikanth Markonda. They were pleased with the research and analysis done by me on the given subject. The strategies for increasing market share was categorized into the following:
  • Share of Preference
  • Share of Voice
  • Share of Distribution.