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Anushruti & DoMS, IITR Celebrating “The Deaf Awareness Week”


Education is not just about jobs, it is about giving back to the society. The society, being the harbinger of the cultural treasure and of the social harmony is always ready with it’s both hands open to offer what it can and in return it expects nothing but simple acknowledgement, that too, in the form of ‘Love’.

One such opportunity presented itself at the doorsteps of Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee. The event was ‘Deaf Awareness Week 2015’. This event mixed with social cooperation and love, gave students a chance to experience insights from the children of the Anushruti and spread smiles.

The event which is a flagship event by Department of Management Studies had, in the past contributed effectively for the benefits of the school. And such events exhibits social cooperation between the two sections of the same society that continue to be the same though differed by a misnomer of the ‘ability’.The ‘Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee’, through the efforts of Dr. M. K. Barua and the MBA students from first and second year redefined ‘Awareness’; Awareness, not just about the differently able kids that study at ‘Anushruti’ but about the meaning of ‘Sharing’ and ‘Acknowledging’ as a whole, which was their sole motto and objective.

The motto was to let the ‘giving spirit’ spread like a virus, infinitely touching the lives of people we may never meet, across boundaries we may never cross, in ways we may never imagine. That is the power of giving and our ticket to changing the world.

Anushruti (Roorkee School for Deaf)

How many times does it so happen that you are in a place where you are out of place and still the joy inside you is unprecedented? Your apprehensions, anxieties and sympathies lock themselves down inside your hearts, for the life that you witness in the people and place that you are. One such place is Anushruti.

On November 11, 1989, IIT Roorkee (erstwhile University of Roorkee) established the Roorkee School for the Deaf in its campus as its Social Initiative. Now renamed as ‘Anushruti’, the Roorkee School for the Deaf was founded by Prof. S. C. Handa, the professor at the Department of Civil Engineering of the Indian Institute of Technology (Roorkee) then, the University of Roorkee, as the Roorkee School for Deaf. It started operations with Mrs. Handa being the first president and their son being the first student. From there it has been a long and beautiful journey, as today it is the second home to a total of one hundred students under the principal Mrs. Parvati Pandey under the president ship of Mrs. Anusuya Banerji, wife of Prof. P. Banerji (Director IIT Roorkee).

The main objective of the school has been to impart special education to the handicapped deaf children on modern and scientific lines. From humble beginning about 21 years ago, Anushruti has grown into a fully-fledged 10+2 school for the education of Deaf Children. In addition to normal speech and auditory training equipment, the school has the latest Computer Aided Speech Development System. Along with normal education, the school students are also given Vocational Training in about 7 different areas. The ultimate aim of the school is to make every child self-dependent in life having learnt all independent Living Skills before he/she leaves the portal of the school. The school motivates IIT Roorkee students / faculty to undertake research on the development of latest technologies to develop assertive devices and other educational teaching aids, various software'steaching learning material and appliances to help educate and train deaf children.

The school is being run as a research based, and Community Based Model wherein the funds are raised from within the Society consisting of friends, relatives, industrialists, organizations to impart Quality Education and training to the deaf children. Currently the school has around 100 students from Roorkee and nearby towns.

In addition to everything else, school is currently providing free Diagnostic, Audiometric and Speech Therapy Facilities to the Community as ‘Service to the Society’. More than 4000 people so far have been counseled, tested and treated. 

About BHOR: “Sound from silence”

BHOR, is a social awakening initiative to bring smiles in the lives of students of Anushruti. Started by the Department of Management Studies, this aims in mutual collaboration between students of DoMS and students of Anushruti. This helps in better understanding the lives of these students, so that a social awakening can happen in the minds of the future corporate leaders. Every year in the deaf awareness week, students of DoMS go to Anushruti, interact with the students and participate with them in the cultural events. This mutual understanding helps both parties to learn more and is a small step in making this world a better place to live.

Details of the Event
Date: 06/10/2015

Lightening of Lamp
The day started with volunteers arriving at multi - purpose hall of the Anushruti School at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. Volunteers had transformed the multi – purpose hall in a beautifully designed hall, for the event which is very close to our heart. After gathering of audience and parents of students, the event started with lightening the lamp by the chief guest Capt. D.P Singh (Secretary, Ex-Army Association) and Principal Mrs. Parvati Pandey. After the lamp was lit, it was time for the students of Anushruti to showcase their cultural performance.

Cultural Events
The cultural events displayed a lot more than that was visible to the normal eyes. They spoke of not the profound talent of the children but of their special grasping power with which they could perform a number of stage art forms raging from Dancing to Dramatics to Mime. The hard work of the children and their trainer (Students from DoMS) was admirable. The entertaining performances saw the kids aging 5 to 17 years showcasing their talents in front of the audience that never for a moment stopped the applaud. This year with various groups performing dance, it seemed like a colourful blur in the participants’ appearances. Other events included ecstatic skit on ‘Problem faced by specially abled persons at the workplace’, a comic performance of mime on ‘Excessive use of mobile’ and in the end, a fabulous fashion show showcasing summer collection. 

Address by the Chief Guest
Chief guest Capt. D.P Singh begins his address with an inspirational quote on beauty of childhood. He praised the efforts of whole staff of Anushruti in order to provide quality education to the differently abled students. He told about the pathetic condition of children in war prone areas, and contrasted the same with cheerful faces in Anushruti. Capt. D.P Singh also appreciated the Corporate Social Responsibility of IIT Roorkee for having such a heart touching initiative inside the campus. One could almost feel the satisfaction on his face after visiting Anushruti and meeting such talented kids.
Vote of Thanks
Principal Mrs. Parvati Pandey presented the vote of thanks. She thanked everyone present and wished that more people should continue to support these children in their quest to find their rightful place in the world. She stressed on the mutual collaboration of Department of Management Studies and Anushruti and asserted that it is pride of the department that it has been associated with Anushruti School since its inception. Mrs. Pandey acknowledges the children, their parents and teachers, the guests, and the student volunteers for their support in making BHOR a grand success. With promises to see a more harmonious interaction in the future ahead with Anushruti, the event ended with serving of cold-drink and snacks.

Cold-drinks & Snacks
After the event, cold-drinks and snacks organized by the students of DoMS were served to the entire audience which gave them a chance to interact with the parents and guardians on a personal level. They gave a great thumb up to the efforts of the students of DoMS, and hoped that they would continue to be a great sport in organizing and coordinating these types of events. The snacks ended but the hunger for more incite knowledge and the desire for sharing was never satisfied, as the interactions continued till the time permitted. All that was heard was the ‘Completeness’ and ‘Accomplishment’ of the ‘Deaf Awareness Week’ 2015 by the DoMS, IIT Roorkee in its true sense-giving back to the society.
Games and Competition
The students of Anushruti are children with blossomed hearts. They participated in Rangoli competition which was organized by students of DoMS. These enthusiasts participated with utmost efforts and full dedication. It was a grand success with almost every one participating. Since participation is all that counts. In the end, winners were awarded with prizes.

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can  adjust my sails to always reach  my destination.” - Jimmy Dean

Team Details

Faculty in Charge: Prof. M. K. Barua

BHOR Volunteers (2nd year):

Azim Najam                                                                                     Nikita Batra
  Sanjo Jose                                                                                         Maqbool Ahsan

BHOR Volunteers (1st year):

Rupayan Roy
Trishik Das
Leon Bhuyan
Arpit Aggarwal
Harmandeep Kaur
Lehar Kothari
Ashish Khagta
Kavish Biyani
Anirudh Jain
Bhaskar Ballabh Saikia
Suresh Chandran V
Parampreet Singh
Dhruvdeep Bishnoi
Jatin Dhawan
Nitesh Kumar Singh
Deepak Gupta
Kartik Chauhan
Sheena Lalwani
Vishnu Rajoriya
Arnab Mukherjee
Shruti Sarkar
Mihir Raste
Apurv Modi
Sumitava Roy
Shubham Shukla
Arush Jain

Flavis Thomas Thommana

Report by-
SHRUTI SARKAR M.B.A (1st year)

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