Monday, October 26, 2015

Internship Diaries #40

Pallav Angrulla
TATA International, Yangon  
I got a golden opportunity to work with a renowned company TATA INTERNATIONAL, that too in a third world country like Myanmar. TATA INTERNATIONAL is a separate wing of TATA and they are into several businesses in Myanmar like agri trading, minerals trading and distributors of heavy construction vehicles etc. As Myanmar’s economy has just opened up and there are a lot of foreign investments going on from countries like Japan, China and US, it was a great chance for me to work in there with TATA INTERNATIONAL. I was mentored by country head of TATA INTERNATIONAL Myanmar, Mr. Sunil Seth.  I got an opportunity to understand their distribution business and to work in a unique project of doing market research to analyze their business model, prepare a feasibility report and also do comparative analysis of their distribution business and to understand customer perception and expectations towards TATA’s products.

As most of our market research was based on primary research, where we meet loads of people from different origin like Chinese, Americans, Burmese, and Japanese etc, so communication barrier was one of the main hurdles that I faced there, but it turned out of be a beautiful experience as I was able to tackle it every time and extract all the relevant data for my project. Our research was not only restricted to Yangon but also to some of the remote places like SEZ Thilawa and many other villages. In my tenure I not only was able to understand their business but I also meet hundreds of people from a construction labor to project managers to MD’s and CEO’s of big companies. This gave me a holistic picture of how work is carried on in private corporations.

Working in a totally different environment different culture and with different people was a great experience for me; it not only gave me immense working experience but also made me a much improved person in terms of temperament.

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