Sunday, October 18, 2015

Internship Diaries #29

Ashutosh Puri
Reserve Bank of India

The internship at RBI, Lucknow was a lifetime experience. To work under the aegis of general manager and assistant general manager at the central bank was something through which my views on not only the monetary policies framework but also the working culture and the management as a whole got a broader perspective. The organization is a mecca for gaining knowledge about the financial intricacies of the country. The people were more than willing to explain every minutest detail and help in grooming and forming an opinion on various insights and steps taken by RBI.

I got the opportunity to do my internship in finding correlation between base rate and repo rate and their inter-connectivity with respect to various banks whether public, private or foreign. I gathered data since the inception of base rate (from 2009) and found fascinating results of the market movement that happens as the RBI changes the rates. The whole research work was aptly completed, only possible through the generosity and patience shown by my mentors who not only helped me with historical data and knowledge but also with the statistical tools like SAS and Excel analysis for regression modelling.

I was filled with gratitude for my mentors seeing their hard work and diligence they took to explain and also how they’re so much attached to the organization having a feeling of working for the country. The two month internship was not only all work, we enjoyed a lot during the period. The Lucknow branch has all the refreshment facilities and gaming areas where we spent some time during lunch hours. In all I would say my internship at RBI, Lucknow was the best one could get during the two month break in the course curriculum.

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