Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Internship Diaries #21

Shavy Bhardwaj
Fairwealth Securities Pvt Ltd.

My summer internship was at FairWealth Securities Ltd, Gurgaon which is a Broking arm of the Fairwealth Group and offers Personalized Broking services to its Institutional, Corporate and Individual clients. It was a valuable experience working in the risk management department of a Broking firm as I got to know how risk is managed in a company which has its operations revolving around the volatile stock market hence accompanying a lot of risk. I worked on the project “Risk Management in a stock Broking Firm”. I also had the opportunity to work in the accounts department where I had to manage the pay-in and pay-out of the clients. 

Fairwealth also has its business in Commodity Broking, Real Estate, Insurance Broking, Financial Services and Tours and Travels. I was lucky enough to have two mentors, who were always ready to provide a helping hand and motivated me and I got a lot to learn from them. I worked with my mentor on a project of Fairwealth Housing Pvt Ltd in which we had to project the financials of the ongoing housing project in Bhiwadi. I also worked with the CRM department of Fairwealth Housing in which I had to check the records and requirements of various customers and accordingly service them. I also had an exposure to the legal and compliance department which was under the company secretary and I could even sit with her sometimes and gain knowledge from her. I also got to learn about how the KYC (Account opening) section of the company works to open the Demat and Trading accounts of the clients. 

All the employees were so obliging and always available to answer my queries. So, being at the head office I could explore all the departments and interact with the employees and this helped me comprehend the basic operations of a Stock Broking company and provided me much practical exposure.

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