Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Internship Diaries #8

Arjun Gaur
Jakson Group

I was fortunate enough to have been offered the summer internship programme with Jakson Group. My internship was with the GenSet business of the group. They are currently the market leaders in the business, especially in the medium and high powered product ranges. 

The aim of the project assigned was to develop a strategy for the group to enter the Very Low power Segment. As a Market Research intern, my job was to do surveys in some selected areas of the NCR and UP, perform the fieldwork and analyse the date with respect to all the three parties associated with the business, namely the Manufacturer, the Dealer and the Customer. In all, it helped me to get an idea about the existing network of Jakson and its principle rivals. 

The project involved a lot of traveling and a hectic schedule and understanding the market and client of a product that was more of a B2B type. I was able to see a clear difference between it and a B2C product with respect to Branding, Advertising, Promotion and the Marketing Strategy as a whole. 

Again, I was fortunate enough to have an IIT Roorkee alumnus as my mentor during the period, who guided me right from the start and took utmost interest into the project. He made sure that I was provided with all the necessary resources during my association with them.

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