Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Internship Diaries #12

Karan Mittal
MiddleEarth HR

My project is mainly on Branding Strategy and analyzing the brand awareness and brand perception among the customers. I analyzed the various communication channels (touch points) of Middle Earth HR and its competitors and prepared the report of what the future actions must be taken so that company can position itself in an effective way.

 I worked on the Newsletter of the company. I worked on the design, content generation, and content aggregation and involve alumni for sharing their thoughts on certain topics in newsletter. We prepared the new format of newsletter where we had decided to have less number of informative articles, i.e. four, the information regarding the new programs that company have launched during the month, the calendar of the programs that company is conducting, the early bird offers to attract more customers and the CEO message to represent the working culture and position of the organization. The objective of publishing newsletter in new format is to do branding for the company in an effective manner, to build customer relationship, to increase enquires, to announce new products and early bird offers.

I worked on the minor project where to analyze measurement of brand perception and brand awareness. The main purpose of the study is to determine the brand image, perception, attitudes and behavior of the target audience with regard to the corporate Middle Earth HR brand as well as the products and personality of the Middle Earth HR. This also denotes the purchasing pattern of customers towards the brand.

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