Saturday, August 1, 2015

Internship Diaries #4

Sheena Chaudhary
McCann Summer Intern

My summer internship was at McCann, Delhi along with my two batch mates Kartik Reddy & Vikrant Kanwar. McCann is an advertising firm headed by Parsoon Joshi, Asia-Pacific Head of McCann Erikson. I was very happy to see the enthusiasm of my mentors and my colleagues which motivated me to perform and give a best shot in every task. Mentors were found to be very creative and always asked to give inputs in all the live projects. Sometimes they appreciated, sometimes they told to dig in more, during the times when I couldn’t think of the idea or approach for the problem, they never criticized in-fact they boosted to go out of the box and think something I never thought of. Indeed I did think of something extraordinary. McCann was not the typical 9-5 job; it was so much interesting that I worked on weekends if it was required. As a team of three, we were given individual and group tasks like doing market research, designing the field surveys to conducting it for the client. We also worked across various sectors like Aviation, Telecom, and Fertilizers which helped me to get better understanding of how marketing takes place in all these sectors in accordance with client’s needs.

My main area was on research and making strategic digital approach for projects. I have also worked on various social platforms and gained the knowledge of content marketing and various marketing campaigns companies conduct to rebrand or recreate its image by satisfying its vision statements. Apart from learning I have made various connections inside and outside the team, People were quite friendly over there, we used to discuss almost everything in no time. One of the guys used to give us free snacks when he saw us working late. It might seem as a small gesture but a very thoughtful of him. Working culture was truly an exception; you may wear a casual that was quite a big relief. We also worked with other interns from IIFT and IIMs, it was great knowing them and working where we used to help each other in given tasks.

Internships are great to know yourself in way if you fit in that particular sector or you want to choose something else.  My internship made me sure of my decision over taking marketing as my specialization and to grow and excel in this wonderful field. Marketing is not just STP+ 5P (Packaging is recently added), It is what everyone knows but yet can’t put in words, it is somewhat intangible but with means of tangible resources we can reach out to our target audience before our competitors do. My advice is that always keep your peers and learning hand in hand so that you won’t compromise over the whole experience of internship.

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