Monday, January 16, 2012


DoMS Cricket leagues concluded last Saturday with a tight match between Panthers and Ghodes. Panthers emerged as underdogs and defeated Ghodes with scintillating performance from middle order and tail Enders. In 28 overs of the match, Ghode seemed to be the probable winners till 25 overs. However it is said nothing can be said about this game of cricket, and this was exactly what happened in 26th over that changed the course of match with 29 runs in an over.

Toss for finals were done in presence of respected head of department. He appreciated the efforts of organizers and wished them luck for such future endeavors. Ghode lost toss to Panthers and they decided to field first. Ghodes put up a good total of 152 runs in 14 overs. In return Panthers started their innings with a blast with 32 runs on the board in just 2 overs. However they lost two early wickets in quick succession. That was the time when Ghodes build up the pressure and get another two wickets. However second half of Panther’s innings saw their come back in the match.

The winning shot was played in last over with just two balls remaining. It was followed by post match ceremony, with five thousand cash prize for Panthers. Match referee rightly said that Game was played in true spirit and lastly Cricket emerged as a winner. Both the teams showed true sportsman spirit and that was the time when audience witnessed tough competition outside their marketing chapters.

Organizers have promised that they will come up with new season of DCL soon with fresh auctioning of the players. Organizers also said that they will try to increase the count from three. However they said that every team would be allowed to retain at least one player. They promised that next DCL would be more glamour and more prize money.

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