Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vyan 2012

It was not an ordinary day for Dept of management Studies, IIT Roorkee. This was the day when DoMS conducted two national level competitions, Vicissitude and Evangelist. There was an aura of excitement in the department and the students were even more enthusiastic and thrilled about the occasion. The event saw a large number of participation from colleges across the nation for both contests. Everyone was equally good and it was a challenging job for the judges to choose the best among the best.

Finally the date arrived. It was 19th Nov 2012 when the finals of these two events were scheduled. There was so much excitement in the air that students reached the department before the time!! However apart from the events scheduled, something else was also in store. We were fortunate to listen to Mr. Devesh Singh, an eminent lawyer and a professor in IIFT Delhi. He walked us through the constitution of India, gave an insight of the judicial system of our country and also explained some well-known cases. He also talked about some of the contemporary issues. For management students it was indeed an interesting and satisfying experience to learn about something which is not our domain. The interaction was well received by the students and faculties alike.

The judges had arrived by then and it was the time to begin the show. First our department was introduced to the guests. Jury members were impressed by the diversity, the calibre and strength of our departments and student’s potential. The panel consisted of distinguished experts from industry and academia. All guests were welcomed by our Head of Department Dr. Rangnekar. After that each expert shared their journey and experiences with us. We were benefitted from knowing how these people thought and planned; what challenges they faced and how they overcame them. We also came to know about some of the major challenges faced while starting up a new venture. These suggestions and learning would surely increase our understanding and knowledge. Students were participative in the discussion and posed different set of questions which was answered skilfully by these experts.

After the sessions, the competition began. Vicissitude was scheduled first and then it was the turn for Evangelist. The stage was set and everyone was prepared to see the battle of the brains.

Vicissitude: Don’t Fear Predicament, Plan It

Vicissitude is a national level business plan competition, organized by DoMS, IIT Roorkee. It tests not only business skills but also the vision to see the future. The event saw national level participation and was a huge success. Entries were received from all India colleges. Finally a total of six teams were selected and called on for the final round of presentation. These six teams are listed below:

DoMS IIT Roorkee_Shabd Shiksha Sansthan
IIM Lucknow_Samaksh Kisaan
IIM Calcutta_Paradigm
Great Lakes_Enerture

Each team was allocated 20 minutes for presenting their entrepreneurial idea, showing their business acumen and queries & answers. As teams started coming and started giving their presentations, the excitement level begin to rise. Each was better than the rest and people were indecisive about a particular choice. The eureka moment came when our home team was called for showcasing their idea. There was huge appreciation and support all around and people were cheering up the teams. This presentation went off very well and even earned positive comments from judges. After all teams finished with their presentation, the lunch break was announced.

Evangelist: More than Just a Fairytale

After lunch it was the turn for another show Evangelist. It is a national level engineering project competition. It gives us a platform to mix technology with business i.e. how technology can be converted into a profitable venture. Like Vicissitude, this event also saw a huge participation across the nation. This event saw five finalists as mentioned below:

IIT Roorkee_Team Value Dales Stream Mapping
Ansal Institute_ Piezoelectric Roads
Ansal Institute_ Team Halo Aviators
Team Selcoth

Every team had 15 minutes for presenting their ideas along with question answer session. The teams were well prepared and it became really tough for the judges to decide. This event also had one home team from IIT Roorkee which received home audience support. The round also brought light on the bright future for India in technology and sciences. The potential to transform a technology or a scientific theorem into a real world application was acknowledged and received everyone including panel members.

After both events were over and it was the moment to announce the result. Not only participants but audiences were also having a sense of anticipation. Finally the envelopes were submitted after some half an hour discussion among judges. There was a pin drop silence and everybody was praying for his team.

First it was the turn of Vicissitude participants. The envelopes started to be opened and names begin to pour in. The atmosphere became electrifying when home team Shabd Shikha Sansthan was declared winner. It was another feather in the cap of DoMS cap and there was a sense of pride among the students. A huge round of applause was served for first and second runners which were Tilzmatic and Paradigm respectively.

After Vicissitude it was the time for Evangelist winner’s pronouncement and again silence crept into the atmosphere. It was an even more intense competition and no one was in a position to predict anything. The host started to name the winners. And again it was IIT Roorkee team which won the competition!! IITR has won both events and there was nothing more one could have asked for. It re-established the brand IITR in not only business but also in technology. Appreciation was given to the first runner up, Team halo Aviators. There was a tie between XTECH and Piezoelectric Roads for second runners up position.

However all teams were equally good and admired by the audiences. The event ended with congratulating all winners and a note of thanks delivered by our HoD Dr. Rangnekar. The judges again showed their admiration of DoMS student’s energy and participation. All of us were happy and feeling fortunate to be a part of this. The VYAN was over but the memory will always be there.

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