Tuesday, October 16, 2012



Like everything else at IIT Roorkee, Exuberance 2012 - A competitive sports event between the first and second year students of the Department of Management Studies kicked off with a bang. The event started off with the traditional oath taken by all the participants in the presence of the Head of Department Dr. S. Rangnekar which instilled added enthusiasm among the participants and had them rearing to go. The trophies were then unveiled by members of the sports committee.
The event then commenced with a couple of exhibition matches played between some of the professors and second year students. The event showcased students from both first and second year showing off their skills and prowess in every sport. Every Event from carom and chess right up to Sports like Football and Basketball were contested down to the wire. Watching the students participate with such enthusiasm and vigor reminded one and all that an ‘IITian’ is just as passionate about sports as he or she is about academics. The initial events were dominated by the seniors but this was not to be for long as the juniors clawed their way back into the event just as it seemed that all hope was lost. Winning the Cricket, Badminton and volleyball events made the overall competition even. The rain did play killjoy on a number of occasions but this did not dampen the spirit of the participants. The seniors were superior overall and were crowned the Exuberance 2012 champions. What was important to take home was the sportsmanship attitude that the participants exhibited all through the event.
It was this attitude from the juniors that was particularly appreciated by the seniors. The closing ceremony was graced by the presence of many esteemed professors of the institute. Medals and certificates were handed out to the winners of each individual event. The trophy for the player of the Tournament was handed very deserving to Nikhil Sankhla from the second year for his incredible performance bagging gold medals in six different events. The exuberance trophy was then handed over to the second year students in the presence of a huge uproar. Disappointment was evidently and understandably visible on the faces of the deflated juniors.
All in all it was a well-organized and contested event which turned out to be a huge success and a stress buster for most of the students. We now wait with baited breath for exuberance 2013.

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