Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guest Lecture by Mr. Pratik Rajeevan

         Mr. Pratik Rajeevan, a Department of Management Studies, IIT Rookee alumni, was at the department on 16th September, 2012 to share his professional experiences and to give the students insights on investment banking and private equity. The session started at ten in the morning.

          He explained the concepts of investment banking in words which would even be simple for a layman to understand. According to him, when a firm is in trouble and needs capital, it usually turns to an investment bank which acts as broker in arranging capital from the strategic investors for the firm. He also talked about the financial models, balance sheets and shared some of the experiences and challenges he faced in his professional life thus far. He also advised students to differentiate themselves from other B-school students by working hard and enhancing their knowledge by participating in B-Plan events, creating financial models etc. On the whole, it was a knowledge enriched and motivating session that answered many of the questions in the minds of management students looking to build a career in investment banking sector.

Below is a brief description of Mr. Pratik’s profile:

          Mr. Pratik is an investment analyst in GenX360 India Advisers Private Ltd., a private equity firm specializing in buyouts of industrial business to business companies in the middle market. He has worked closely with the Company management through the holding period and successfully monetized the business via sale to a strategic. In addition to specialty chemicals, he focuses on the logistics space.

           Before joining the GenNx team, Pratik Rajeevan worked two years as an Analyst with the Wachovia Media & Communications off-shore Investment Banking team at Genpact. As an integral part of the pitching team he worked on idea generation, building sector capabilities and maintaining valuation models. In recognition for his exemplary contribution, he was awarded the FORCE Management Award 2007.

           Pratik has interned with TNS-Global (Taylor Nelson Sofres) and helped design a marketing strategy to effectively target new demographics for its key client. Pratik holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics & Communications from the University of Mumbai and a Masters in Business Administration from IIT Roorkee. He is a recipient of IEEE: Certificate of Merit, Dr. Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Gold Medal and the 1st rank holder in Electronics across Maharashtra state (Higher Secondary School).

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