Saturday, September 24, 2011

Exuberance 2011

Nobody is perfect, hence I may be imperfect but it is my team and it is the combination and synergy with us that makes my team Perfect.

Remembering the Titans

Management teaches us to compete, to excel and to emerge as winner. Exuberance - 2011, the annual sports meet of Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee ended last week in which second year emerged victorious. Least to say it was a tough competition between first year and second year students. Second year, also the winner of Exuberance – 2010 had the experience and the fresh faces of first year participated with infinite zeal and passion. Out of 200 points distributed among various sports, second year students were the first to cross 101 points.

Tournament started with an exciting match of football, which looked evenly poised most of the time, it was just four minutes before the closing time that second year scored two back-to-back goals. First year bounced back with a victory in Cricket match following day. Then was the time for the entry of female counterparts in tournament. First year girls outperformed second year girls in both Table Tennis singles and Badminton singles, however second year boys won these respective matches in boys leagues. First year students won TT men doubles. This was the time when second year got the much-required lead in Basketball and Volleyball.

After brawn in the field it was the turn of brain, first year defeated second year back to back in Chess, Carom and Pool. But as luck would have it at this moment of time second year students were standing up in the ladder with 105 points.

After 5 days of exciting competition, Exuberance was concluded with closing ceremony by Dr Z Rahman with Mr. Bharat Venishetti, an alumnus of DOMS, IIT Roorkee as the chief guest. The trophy went to second year students however the immense learning was the take away for all the participants. Vineet Chama from second year was awarded as best player of the tournament. Someone rightly said Moments do pass but Memories remain forever and these memories are imbibed in the mind of Domsonians.

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