Saturday, September 11, 2010

UMANG 2010

Seasons come and seasons go and every season calls for a celebration. Department of Management Studies(DoMS), IIT Roorkee believes in celebrating every new season with a magnificent event and this season, DoMS IIT Roorkee is bracing itself to organize UMANG, an annual NGO fest on 3rd October 2010. 

UMANG is an initiative to connect academia, non-government organizations, future managers, and social entrepreneurs to facilitate exchange of views and opinions on various social issues. It provides a platform to various stakeholders to interact on different socio-economic issues faced and attempts to sensitize them on the same.

Since its inception in 2006, UMANG has had a reverberating success which has encouraged DoMS, IIT Roorkee to come up with UMANG5 aka UMANG2010, a one day workshop on "Rural Marketing".

History of UMANG is quite colorful with the success of UMANG1(April 2006), UMANG2(March 2007), UMANG3(Nov 2007) and UMANG4(Oct 2009).UMANG1 (Apr 2006), a two-day national work-shop on "Developing Strategic Framework for NGOs", witnessed participation from over 50 NGO’s from Uttarakhand & neighboring states and organizations like CRY, NABARD & WWF.

UMANG2 (Mar 2007), with the theme "Rural Technologies: their adoption and implementation by the NGOs of Uttarakhand" saw participation from 100 plus NGOs, the speakers being well known professors from IIT Madras, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, and IIT Roorkee. 

UMANG3 (Nov 2007), third in the row, had ‘Microfinance’ as the theme. The seminar witnessed active participation from NGOs, MFIs, banking Institutions, consultants & students. 

UMANG4 (Oct 2009), was a one day workshop on "Social Entrepreneurship" which saw an active participation from the students, corporates, social entrepreneurs and professors from IIT Roorkee. 

In UMANG5, the focus will be on the various aspects of rural marketing with eminent speakers sharing their views with the NGOs and students. We hope everyone has  a great learning experience and some creative solutions come out of it. So brace yourself for the extravaganza of UMANG on 3rd October 2010. 

Further information about Rural Marketing and the speakers participating in the event will be followed up in subsequent posts.

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