Monday, August 23, 2010

Confluencia 2010 Day 1

21, August 2010

The first speaker for the day and the Symposium was Mr.Madhukar Sharma, country manager at American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He gave us a wonderful insight on lean thinking and functional integration. He is currently consulting the Lohia Group and he told us that lean approach is being planned for the textile machinery used there by the waste elimination method. He insisted on optimising the processes in the production line to add value from the customer perspective. He also gave a live example of functional integration being applied at the Lohia Group's Plant.
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The second speaker, Mr.Sanjay Gupta, MD, PNB Housing Finance Ltd., gave an elucidating lecture on Indian Retail Mortgage Market. He talked about the business environment, key inefficiencies of the market and the risk factors of the retail mortgage market. He suggested a part remedy in the form of Mortgage Guarantee. To know more about Mortgage guarantees and the PPT, post your email id.

Mr.Sunil Aggarwal, freelance financial consultant and former vice president of IDBI bank was the third speaker. He enlightened the students with the concept of private equity. He gave a cost comparison with the conventional methods of raising capital. He discussed few risks and rewards associated with private equity. He discussed the risks for both the promoters and investors. He also gave the criteria for gaining rewards out of private equity. For detailed info and PPT, post your email id.

Fourth session of the day was taken over by Mr Vikrant Chaudhary, Country Manager, FSS Cluster (Software Group) at IBM. He gave a brilliant presentation with a video depicting integration of various services offered by IBM in singapore. He helped us understand how the technology can facilitate funtional integration in various businesses. He effectively talked us into the difference a technical advancement in any field can make and how that contributes to the national economy. Very enthralling was that session!

The gathering was then presided by Mr Manoj Sharma- Former industrialist and a self styled social entrepreneur. We were awed with the complete different perspective that we were asked to see - humanity and social conscience. It was altogether a different dimension we never experienced. The plight of the villagers who live in remote and interior parts of Uttarakhand state was vicariously felt by us. He gave an overview of his work he is doing in the remote villages of Uttarakhand. He wanted us to come up with a solution for the power management crisis he was facing in remote villages. He had actually set up micro-hydel power plants in those villages as river water was available but the problem was that the large amount of power was being unutilised as there was a meagre demand in those villages. He wanted an idea which could be implemented so that power is optimally used. If you have any novel ideas, please post your comments here along with your name and email id.

The first day of the Confluencia 2010 culminated with the presentation of the cycle rickshaw project which was being developed by Dr.Rajat Agarwal, Assistant Professor, DoMS IIT Roorkee and Mr.Ashish Sharma, an alumunus of IIT Roorkee and supported by Mr.Rahul Arora, Head of value advisory group at IT Power India Pvt. Ltd and supervised by Dr Bhupinder Singh, Engineering Consultant and youth counsellor.Dr.Bhupinder Singh has implemented this project in Fazilka and was making efforts along with his team to introduce the novel cycle rickshaw in Roorkee and adjoining places. Along with the improvement in the design of the rickshaw, this project was aiming at improving the income of the poor Rickshawallah. It was a perfect example of functional integration as many functions were integrated to develop the cycle rickshaw. To know more about the cycle rickshaw project, drop in you email id.

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